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SingHealth is the largest healthcare group in Singapore, offering a complete range of multi-disciplinary and integrated medical care through their network of 2 hospitals, 5 National Specialty Centres and 9 Polyclinics.

SingHealth gives top priority to ensuring the best quality care and clinical outcomes for our patients.  This includes ensuring patient safety and providing co-ordinated and holistic care.  Patients. At the heart of all we do.

SingHealth Polyclinics, a leader in family medicine, provides seamless, patient-centred and preventive healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all.

SingHealth Polyclinics' network of 9 polyclinics provides primary healthcare services to the community.
It plays an integral role in promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community and empowering families
with the knowledge of common health issues, care and treatment options.

The National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) is a full-service primary health care provider that manages nine polyclinics.

NHGP’s mission is to improve health and reduce illness through a patient-centred quality primary healthcare that is accessible, seamless, comprehensive, and appropriate in an environment of continuous learning and relevant research.

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