In view of a forthcoming ageing society, Wellness TV started its service in healthcare institutions, and became the first and largest healthcare TV channel in Singapore. We seek to go beyond the hospitals and clinics to reach out to more audience who will benefit from our contents.

Delivering Healthcare Tips and Knowledge,

to the outpatients in the clinic waiting area

Our starting point

Relevant Content,   Right Audience,  Right Place


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This is what we believe is the role of media in today's multi-media environment; a flood of information which creates an ubiquitous society.

The more information people are exposed to, the more their values and lifestyles change.

People’s lives these days are being dominated by internet and mobile communication, thus having lesser time for conventional media.

Despite tons of contents being delivered by the mass media every day, only a fraction of them can actually hit the right audience.

In order to make media work effectively, we need to shift our traditional paradigm from "Mass" to “Niche”, "Broad" to “Narrow”, “Quantity” to “Quality”.  This is a challenging transformation as it requires a complete overhaul of conventional industry practice.  But we’re proud that Wellness TV is taking the groundbreaking step to adopt  “Narrowcasting TV”, delivering relevant content to the right audience at the right place.

About CEO

Advertising and media expert with 25 years in Ad Agency and 12 years in broadcasting and press in Singapore. Having had his own waiting experience in the clinic, he was inspired with the idea of Wellness TV in 2008 and built the network in Singapore’s major hospitals and clinics. His media experience and passion to promote health lead the company to a unique position as the first healthcare TV in Singapore.

Yasuo Yokoi - CEO, Founder

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