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Cost Effective

Location Credibility

Capturing Eyeballs

Our relevant programmes is the key to capture audience’ attention and sustain their interest.

By showing your ADs at reputable hospitals and clinics, it enhances your product credibility and establishes your social brand image.

Where you show your ADs is important.

This creates high opportunity for your ad to be seen.

Consistent presence makes your product familiar and trustful in the market.

Good for a long term strategy

We will provide support to further promote your product by involving our audience through interactive programmes.

Marketing Support

3, 6, 9 or 12 months?

With affordable rates, allow your TVC to communicate longer with lasting impact.

Production Support

You can assign multiple ads at the same time or rotate them from time to time. Flexibility in designing the campaign to suit your marketing strategy.

Flexible Scheduling

Rest assured! We can produce your commercial at an affordable budget.

Interested to advertise but do not have a commercial?

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Enhanced Solutions


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WellnessTV Network

- Captive for hours

- Health conscious

- Receptive to health information

- Only media in clinic waiting area

Quality Audience & Reach

Why Advertise with Us?

- Frequent daily exposure

- High Opportunity To See

- Low CPM

- Flexible advertising ideas

- No wastage

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  2. -Infomercial

- Slideshow

- Animated

- Digital Poster

- Enhancements


WellnessTV Network

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